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Hustling with heart and purpose

November 11, 2017

It’s been THREE months since my last blog entry.

I’ve been doing nothing but hustle, hustle, hustle.

Hustling to get things done, make things work, solve problems, manage crises.

Hustling is a huge part of my entrepreneur life; hustling gets the going going – look at marcom plans! do team reviews! take people out for one-on-ones! meet stakeholders! have conversations! engage the customers! solve the gaps in ___ (whatever that needs to go in the blanks)!

Hustling is the much needed momentum for mom life. Most of us know the drills: Thursday is tingxie for Child 2 and it’s Wednesday for Child 1, reading practice needs to be done before Monday for Child 3, spelling is on Tuesday for Child 2 and Wednesday for Child 1 (wait a minute – is it Monday?), Chinese tuition for all 3 children are on Tuesdays, end of year assessment happens in Term 4 Week 5 for Child 1 for Math and English and Term 4 Week 6 for Chinese but it’s also broken down into multiple occasions for assessment over Weeks 7 and 8 and …

blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah … …

And beyond the school stuff are the mom-i-need-an-erasable-pen-from-Popular + mom-my-school-shoes-can’t-fit-anymore + mom-there’s-a-play-date-i’m-invited-to + mom-i-need-to-get-my-bff-a-birthday-gift-it’s-his-birthday-tomorrow + mom-it-looks-like-i-have-cavities-see-how-many-stains-my-front-teeth-have + mom-I-lost-the-school-library-books-I-borrowed + mom-when-are-we-going-to-the-zoo-i-need-to-draw-a-picture-of-the-racoon-dog + mom-what-time-will-you-be-home-i-need-you-to-do-page-3-worksheet-with-me + the gazillion “mom-I…” requests.

Is it hard to have babies this big? Yes, it is. Small babies just exhaust you physically. Big babies – they drain the helluva you mentally.

For many years now, I have never stopped wondering why I would take the path of madness. When I stayed home with three kids aged 3, 2 and 1, I thought I was mad. When I started my first business while staying home with them, I thought I was mad. When I plunged even deeper into the depths of being a startup founder and entrepreneur, I thought this was it – I really must be mad. And amidst all these madness, life actually got madder with schedules and crises and offers and invitations which I say yes to.

I recently said yes to going back to my corest of competencies. I am even madder now: to be prepping lessons, designing curriculum and standing in classrooms again, amidst the beautiful chaos already present in my life.

Because I actually still want to make magic happen every day, as a mother, as an entrepreneur, as an educator.

It’s a mad world I live in but I am loving every minute of this madness. Because if I hustle with heart and purpose, I know it’ll take me somewhere.

Moms are the most amazing creatures when we hustle. We become super, and I am not at all embarrassed to declare that.

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