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WTBW: Ah Boys to Men

February 27, 2013

Ben’s been quite captivated by the movie trailer of Ah Boys to Men playing at the DVD stores. He’s been fascinated with soldiers and guns since he was two, and has a group of friends at daycare who loves shooting with “rifles” and “pistols”.

Part 1

Ben: Every man must go to the army?

Me: Yea. Someday, when you’re 19, you will go. And Nat too. Your father and grandfathers have all been trained in the army.

Ben: Gong gong is a soldier?

Me: Yes. He used to be.

Ben: And Dada?

Me: Yes. He still is one.

Ben: Huh? Why he teach and then he shoots?

Part 2

Ben: What do the soldiers eat in the army camp? Is there a kitchen?

Me: Yes, there’s a cook house. The soldiers eat simple food. Maybe not very tasty food too.

Ben: Huh… Why?

Me: It’s not like they get Pastamania all the time. They’ve gotta eat quickly and do things quickly, no time to do fine dining.

Ben: Why must they do things quickly?

Fatherkao: That’s what soldiers do. They do things quick.

Ben: They need to do things quickly so they can shoot the bad guys?

Fatherkao: Yea, something like that.

Ben: How come there are bad guys in the army camp?

Part 3

Ben: In the army, you must train very hard?

Me: Yes, like what you saw in the movie trailer. They do drills, practise shooting, sleep very little and run around a lot.

Ben: Is it very tiring?

Me: Of course.

Ben: And I will be away from you? You will cry when I go?

Me: Yes, I will cry when you and Nat go to the army.

Ben: Huh, then I don’t be a soldier anymore, ok. I’ll be an astronaut.


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  • Reply Zee February 28, 2013 at 10:43 PM

    Hilarious!! It’s a great idea to keep a record of all these conversations. I’m
    sure it will be great fun revisiting these posts in the futur. 

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