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We’re not done with Barney yet!

June 10, 2014

I thought we were done with Barney. But no. We’re not done.

You see, I still have a two-year-old.

Who attended playgroup for twice a week in the first half of this year and got acquainted with the purple dinosaur with his ‘clean-up’ song.

And so, we still have a fan in the house despite two others moving on to Transformers and princesses. Obviously, my motherly duty isn’t done yet for this one until I bring him to see Barney, Baby Bop and BJ and get a picture with them.

And so we went, to join the Barney madness that has descended yet again at City Square Mall. Barney and his friends sang and danced with all their little fans who were squealing and all too excited to see their idols, and I very much got a glimpse of what these kids might also do in a couple of years time with k-pop stars.

Barney Live Show

The madness has descended!

The littlest was, of course, happiest listening and grooving with Barney and his friends, who sang one of his favourite songs, ‘Mr Golden Sun’, and coming up close with the three friendly dinos who hi-fived him at the Meet and Greet session.

We were there with our friend whose little boy is another fan!

We were there with our friend whose little boy is another fan!

The fan got his fan service. And I am done with my motherly duties.

More details:
  • Explore the wonderful world of Barney, Baby Bop and BJ at City Square Mall! In a special ‘live’ show from 7 to 22 June 2014, Barney and his friends will show you how amazing things can happen when you use your imagination. Shoppers can redeem an exclusive pass when they spend $50 at City Square Mall for a Meet and Greet with Barney and Friends!

Barney Poster Promo

  • Barney and Friends ‘Live’ On Stage is on from 7 to 22 June daily except Mondays at 2pm and 7pm on weekdays and 1pm, 4pm and 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays at the Level 1 Atrium. Get more details here.

Disclosure: We were given media passes to meet Barney and his friends last Saturday evening at City Square Mall. All opinions here, together with the decision to brave the long carpark queue and hordes of screaming fans are my own.

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