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Pseudo Holiday at Fassler Gourmet

October 9, 2013

Ever since we discovered this gem of a place at Woodlands where we can get frozen salmon, cod, prawns, lobsters, crabmeat, scallops at factory outlet prices, we’ve been going back to restock our freezer every half a year. We even bought another freezer just so we could stock up! At Fassler Gourmet Singapore, their Atlantic Salmon and Salmon Trout fillets are cut fresh every day. Their black cod fillet is $55 for a 500 gram pack of three, and the reason why my kids have extremely expensive taste buds. Ever since birth, they’ve eaten the best (and most expensive) fish – the cod and threadfin – that our land could sell they absolutely refuse to eat anything that tastes unlike what they are used to eating.

I figured a trip down to Fassler would definitely save me the need to explain to the kids why I don’t buy their favourite salmon, cod and scallops from the supermarket and wet market. Yesterday, we decided to take the kids to Fassler to let them experience the cold in their walk-in freezer, and to see for themselves where Mom and Dad get their favourite seafood.

It was their first time there, and they were thrilled! Becks loved it, surprisingly; she loved the cold and was the only one who was functioning and not wanting to get out.


We stocked up – ooh, fresh salmon, cod fillets, scallops, tiger prawns! And bought enough clam chowder (which the whole family absolutely loves!) to last us till the end of the year!

I say, this is a good place to practise getting used to the cold should we ever wish to go backpacking to Iceland when the kids are older!

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  • Reply Susan October 9, 2013 at 1:26 PM

    Haha, gosh it looks so cold inside for them. Bet it must be quite fun too.

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