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Pampering sensitive skin with Comfort Ultra Pure

June 18, 2013

My skin erupts into itchy bumps whenever I sit on old upholstery or wear clothes with hardened fibres. Random parts of my body break out into red, hive-like patches and I start clawing myself silly till I am all bones.

Because of my sensitive skin, I am very particular about what I use to wash my clothes, blankets and bed sheets. I hate washing detergent that leaves me with a scratchy, harsh feeling, and softeners that have overpowering scents. In this heat where we live, the last thing you want to be feeling is itchy, uncomfortable, and smelling like a public toilet that’s just been washed with strong chemicals.

Plus, full-time motherhood is already tough as it is. There’s no way I’m going to be spending every day deprived of the luxury of sweet-smelling, soft clothes to wear, and enjoying the cool feeling of my clothes caressing my skin. Which is why I insist that all my clothes must be laundered with a gentle detergent and fabric softener.

Yes, it really doesn’t take much, or cost much, to pamper a labouring mother like me.

When I was introduced to the new Comfort Ultra Pure Fabric Conditioner, I was sold. I dare say, after trying a couple of softeners in the market, this is the best brand I’ve used by far, simply for three reasons.

1. It smells fresh and light.

My main complaint with softeners is that the smell can sometimes be so overpowering that when the clothes are laundered and hung on bamboo poles, the scent just permeates through the entire house, which can be pretty nauseating after a while. Comfort Ultra Pure has a fragrance so light and so fresh, it makes you want to inhale the mild scent that’s filling the house whenever there’s fresh laundry and take in the smell of lingering freshness on your clothes, again and again.

Nice smelling clothes

2. It cares for sensitive and delicate skin.

Comfort Ultra Pure is the first fabric conditioner in the market specially formulated for people with sensitive skin like mine. It can also be used for delicate skin, and the first ever to be dermatologically tested safe even for the delicate skin of a baby’s! That’s just great news because now my kids’ and baby’s clothes can all be laundered together with mine, with this softener. And we can now say goodbye to hardened fibres for good.

3. It makes me feel I am wrapped in pure love.
Adding Comfort Ultra Pure to our washing load makes me feel like I’m all wrapped in a gentle softness. No more scratchy scratchy. What lingers throughout the day is the cool caress of my clothes against my skin, and the feeling of comfort through and through. As a stay-home mom working so hard, I so deserve to be wrapped in pure love this way.

Comfort Ultra Pure for freshness and comfort

Comfort Ultra Pure’s mild formulation delivers amazing softness and total comfort all day long. It protects my sensitive skin, and my three babies’ delicate skin too, and it’s all simply accomplished through a few drops of heavenly goodness!

How about getting some pampering done for yourself and the kids today?

Comfort Ultra Pure is available in 2 sizes (800ml & 1.8L) at all major supermarkets.
Disclosure: The kids and I were sponsored to smell fresh and feel cool with Comfort Ultra Pure. All opinions are Motherkao’s own.

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