Going Out! Happy days Holidays! The Kao Kids

London numbers

1 hour delay due to inclement weather. 13.5 hours on a full flight. 1 hour to clear customs. 15 minutes from the airport to Paddington Station.       6 hours hanging out with 2 grumpy, tired kids, 1 especially prone to hissy fits. 7 hours…

June 2, 2017
Going Out! Happy days Holidays! The Kao Kids

UK dreamin’

There’s dirt on my shirt And leaves in my hair There’s mud on my boots But I don’t really care Playing outside is so much fun To breathe the clean air And feel the warm sun To stomp in a puddle Or climb a…

May 28, 2017
Ben Kao Milestones and growing up Reviews

Going the Ortho-K way (Part I)

So I last posted in January that I was super bummed that myopia and astigmatism had finally hit my firstborn (ugh, sneaky thing), which started me on my quest to gather research about childhood myopia and how to control it. There’s tons of literature out there…

April 5, 2017