Motherhood stories

Parenting three distinctively different children certainly has its ups and downs. I thank God that He has given me three precious little ones, who are wonderfully made and uniquely special.

Along the motherhood journey, I’ve written about each of my children at different milestones of their lives. I’ve also written down the darndest things they’ve said and the funniest things they do. They are children only once, and some of these moments would probably never occur again. I’ve also penned down unforgettable memories – memories I want to read and reread every now then just so I won’t forget, and just so that they too won’t forget. Since the Kao kids came we’ve had so much fun together as a family and it is my prayer that they know beyond a doubt that they are also individually very special to me, and dearly treasured by me.

Kao kids

Life’s definitely wild (but fun!) with three in the barn! These are my favourite motherhood stories, specially selected for this page.

With Nat

With Becks

With Ben

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