Meet the Kao Kids

In 2009, Ben arrived to rock our world. Just like that, I became a mother to the sweetest, gentlest boy my world has ever known.

In 2010, Becks came, and made my motherhood journey even sweeter. Every day since then, she’s shown me what it’s like to play and laugh with abandonment.

In 2012, another baby entered our world and expanded my capacity to love even more. Baby Nat, 2 years and counting, Nat, my lastborn, is the reason why my heart turns to mush every day, and why I fall insanely in love with my job as his mother.

This blog is about them and how they have shaped me and changed me to be the person I have become today. They have shown me what it’s like to truly live, laugh and love.

Kao Kids

My three lovely babies

Aquafresh_Kao Kids_16

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