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Little Miss Bossy Random

January 17, 2014

My little daughter is now three half and she is the queen of randomness. She’s a pretty jumbled-up person in thought, speech and action it’s kinda both amusing and maddening to be around her. She hasn’t lost a single shred of that bossiness she’s been born with, so you can imagine what living with this powerpuff is like, here at home everyday.

Can’t? Here’s a glimpse.

On being pretty, Part 1

Becks: Mama, you look so pretty in this.

Me: Oh thanks. Just simple t-shirt and shorts, babe. But thanks.

Becks: Erm… so what do you say to me?

Me: I said thanks for the compliment.

Becks: No… you shouldn’t say that. You should say, ‘You look so pretty too, Becky’.

Me: -_-

On being pretty, Part 2

Becks: Korkor, you look so handsome!

Ben: Thanks.

Becks: So what do you say, korkor?

Ben: Becky, you look so pretty!

Becks: YES! That’s correct!


Me: So, what did you learn at kindergarten?

Becks: Erm… I forgot.

Me: How can you forget?

Becks: Because because because!

Me: Come on, don’t use what I always say, ok? Try harder to recall.

Becks: I already said I can’t. And the reason is because, because, because.

Me: -_-

I ate God

Becks: Erm Mama, where is God?

Me: In heaven watching over you. In your heart, close to you.

Becks: (lifting her shirt) Erm… I just checked and He’s not in my heart.

Me: Yes, He is.

Becks: No, I think He went to my stomach.

Don’t interrupt

Becks: Mama, I want to tell you something… You know, Abby has…

Me: Not now, please. Don’t interrupt when Dada and I are having a conversation.

Becks: (sits in silence)

A few minutes later…

Me: Ok, I’m done. So what is it you want to tell me.

Becks: Erm… erm…

Me: Something about Abby?

Becks: No la. Do you know that I dreamt of crocodiles in my dream?

Me: ???

Becks: And I want to buy purple shoes next time!

Me: ???

A little too sassy, don't you think?

A little too sassy, don’t you think?

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  • Reply Debs G January 26, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    Hahahaha! My 2year old speaks non sequitur too! It’s hilarious and really confuses her teachers. I think that’s how she cons them into giving her extra biscuits.

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