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Letters, I wrote

February 1, 2014

Ben turns 5 this month and I am wrecking my brains to find ways to get him to read. He loves to be read to, and still wants to imagine stories with picture books, most of time ignoring the words on the pages. When I plonk him next to his Scholastic readers, he’ll read them – yes, he would – but I highly suspect he does them from memory because when he’s asked how to read each word without the readers, he gives me a clueless look.

So I have started doing this:

Letter to Ben

Writing him letters and putting them in the mail.

He gets very excited to receive something from the mail box that’s addressed to him, and tries his best to make sense of every word in the letter to decode the message.

He’s gotten two letters so far, and he’s looking forward to more, I know. Let’s hope this trick would get him interested!

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