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Knight Fever

July 4, 2013

So the kids were home today cos’ the morning session folks from kindy went off for a field trip. It was drizzling the whole day and after a whole morning of reading and playing, I decided to switch the TV on for the kids. So I flipped the channel to Disney Junior (something which I’ve not done for a very long while) and there was this CG-animated series called Mike the Knight.

Mike the Knight

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My son couldn’t get enough of it.

He’s already starting to be a little fanatical about dragons and vikings, ever since he watched How to Train Your Dragon some time ago when he and his father had some special time together, and now, this animated series is getting him really excited about medieval times, fire-breathing dragons and knighthood.


After the show…

Ben: Mama, when we go out later, I am not going out as Ben. I’m going as a knight – Mike, the Knight.

Me: Alright, buddy. I’m sure you are. But it’s drizzling so we aren’t going out. You’ll have to be Ben.

Ben: Huh? Sigh.

A while later…

Ben: Mike the Knight has a horse. I am a knight, and I need a horse. Who’s going to be my horse?


Becks: …erm, ok lor, ME!

Ben: Huh? You’re going to be a very small horse… Sigh.

In the evening… Finally going downstairs 

Ben: Mama, can I bring my sword and my bow? I’m Mike the Knight, y’know. I need to bring all these things.

Me: I see you have your sword stuffed inside your pants and your bow hanging on your bicycle already.

Ben: Ya!

(In the end, he brought his toy bow along cos’ he couldn’t pedal his bike with the sword stuffed in his pants behind his butt!)

Before bed…

Ben: Mama, I’m dreaming about Mike the Knight.

Me: Ben, you’re not asleep yet. How can you be dreaming?

Ben: Yea, it’s very special one. I tell you how. I PAUSE it inside my head, then when I go to sleep, I’m going to PLAY it! Then I’m dreaming lor!

Goodnight, my knight. It’s amazing how one TV programme has gotten you so thrilled about knighthood the whole day, and even wishing that you’ll dream about it at night!

Welcome to Ben’s World, at four-and-a-half!

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    Pause and play! Lol, Ben!

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