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January 8, 2013

My iPhone and iPad are two items I protect with all my life from my children. They don’t play games or watch anything from these gadgets. They don’t know my passcode even though they technically know how to unlock them. They swipe and swipe and enter all sorts of random numbers (and sometimes disabling my phone!) but they’ll never get to use any apps.

Until lately, they discovered that they could go ask other people for their phones using the excuse that they’d like to have a picture with them. These are smart kids, I tell you.

So my BFFs, and all the other aunties and uncles, grandpa and grandmas end up being suckered by Ben and Becks. Of course, my kids end up making their day cos’ these happy folks get to upload a ton of pictures on fb with smiling pictures of themselves posing with my kids.

Lately, Ben has also discovered the camera and what he could do with it. Last Saturday, at my cousin’s wedding dinner, while I was busy chatting with my cousin at my table, my son who must have been bored to his last toe asked if he could have my phone.

I just checked my phone today and found out he took 300 over shots of himself without even needing my passcode to unlock the phone! He’s meddled with people’s phones enough to learn how to use the camera and toggle to snap pictures of himself.

Trigger happy

So I scroll through pictures of his socked foot, his sneakers, his silly faces, his fingers, the steamed garoupa on his plate, the chandelier on the ceiling and my skirt!

‘Gawd! They start camwhoring young!

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