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December 18, 2012

The vast majority of babies sprout their first teeth between 4 and 7 months of age. Baby Nat had his first bottom middle at 6 months. Now, at 9 months, he has 6 teeth – the bottom two middle teeth, top two middle ones and two more at the sides. Good thing is, he doesn’t have the same fussiness and irritability his sister had when she was teething (my goodness, she was a screamer, alright) nor the sleep problems his brother had when he teeth broke through.

This happy little honey bun just dribbles all day long. Oh, and he also loves to bite. This is the little teether gnawing away:

This is him finding out how juicy my left thigh is:

Somebody give this boy a teether, please!

When the folks at Maternity Exchange asked me to pick a gift for my baby from their wide range of fun and quirky gift and accessories, I picked the Sophie the Giraffe Ice Bite Telephone Teether which I felt would be perfect for Nat to grasp and handle. This teether provides just the kind of relief a teething baby with sore gums needs. Upon refrigeration, the cold anaesthetises the pain caused by teething, and the hard parts protect baby’s hands from the cold. I had to get this for Nat because I haven’t found much success getting him to use the hand-me-down teethers from his siblings; they are so cold to hold he usually can’t last more than three seconds.

So with this Ice Bite Telephone Teether, the little boy got to say “hello” to Sophie the Giraffe

And had his sore gums soothed with a new toy to nom nom nom away

It was great that he could hold on to it for a while and changed the sides to chew and explore. That kept him busy for some time.

With a teether so cleverly designed like this, I’m sure we’ll be able to tide through the dribbling, drooling and biting. At least I know my thighs will be safe for now.

More details:
  • Sophie Ice Bite Telephone Teether and other Sophie Baby Teethers are available in-store at #03-108 Marina Square and online at
  • Just for Motherkao’s readers, shop online and receive 10% off regular-priced gift and accessories! To enjoy the discount, enter the promo code “motherkao” when you check-out. Applicable for online store purchases only and valid till 31 January 2013. Free shipping is available for any orders of $100 and above.
  • Maternity Exchange offers a wide range of gift and accessories for mummies, babies and also daddies alike. Indulge your expectant friends and loved ones, or even yourself with some wacky, practical or simply delightful gifts! Check out their range of gifts & accessories here.
  • This Christmas, Maternity Exchange has new gift bundles that combine practical, fun and witty gifts that are sure to bring joy and laughter this festive season! All bundles come prettily packaged, from $80 for a basic one to $220 for a luxurious gift set.

*Discount applies to most gifts & accessories storewide except promotional & clearance items, MX Gift Vouchers, Hem Gems, Hollywood Fashion Tape, the Sophie range and other selected products. Maternity and nursing wear, lingerie and swimwear not included.*

**Disclosure: Baby Nat received the Ice Bite Telephone Teether for the purpose of this review. All text and opinions are Motherkao’s own.**

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