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Review: I Theatre’s Puss in Boots

May 30, 2014

Last Saturday, we were at the Drama Centre at the National Library for I Theatre‘s Puss in Boots to learn a thing or two from a cat about being smart but not to the extent of outsmarting oneself.

As part of I Theatre’s ACE Festival 2014, the family-friendly drama production featured a talented cast who sang and danced in an entertaining story set against a rustic French village about a cat who uses trickery and deceit to gain power and wealth to win the hand of a princess in marriage for her master – but ultimately learning the important lesson about being morally upright and using her wit to save the day.

There were many funny moments throughout the musical, like cat puns, the audience being invited to participate in pronouncing ‘The Marquis of Carabas’, the Ogre Queen’s hilarious French accented bragging and singing, as well as exaggerated dance moves by cat and royalty alike that made all of us roar with laughter. The older kids were entertained and engaged, as usual. It was also my first time bringing two-year-old Nat, and although he was initially frightened by the darkness, the ogres and the cat’s purring, he soon relaxed when he heard laughter and singing.

After the show, at the Meet and Greet, Nat proclaimed loudly that he likes the cat very much. “Nat Nat likes this show,” the littlest declared. So unlike his brother and sister who were quite frightened to take a picture with the cast at their very first theatre experience (it was Hey Little Mousedeer! last year), the boy was all ready to come close to the talented people in costume who performed for him.

I Theatre Puss in Boots

I’m glad theatre has enriched the children’s lives a little with wholesome and entertaining storytelling and sound moral values of integrity, kindness and fairness. Thank you, I Theatre, for always extending kind invitations to us so we can always have a wonderful time appreciating local theatre productions and learn valuable life lessons!

More details:

Puss in Boots is part of I Theatre’s ACE Festival 2014 and will be on till 31 May 2014. ACE Festival is in its 5th year running and stands for Arts, Creativity for Everyone. It is a festival of enriching experiences, promoting family togetherness and celebrating a creative melting pot of positive and total arts experiences, featuring local and international theatre performances, workshops and fringe events. Details here at

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