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Hello! Hello Kitty!

March 22, 2014

She’s probably the most famous cat in the world, and one with the fattest bank account, with product range extending from stationery and accessories to toasters and home appliances. She’s entered every possible market from jewellery to aircraft to themed restaurants and more recently, a maternity hospital.

We’re talking about the Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow that has no mouth – yea, the one that’s swept many off their feet almost like a demi-god to worship.

I’m not a fan and never was, but it’s apparently a different story with the little girl, who adores Hello Kitty because  – erm, I don’t even know why.

Which was why she was extremely stoked when I told her we were invited to front row seats at The Hello Kitty Live Show at City Square Mall.

Hello Kitty_Media Invite

Which also explains why this is the first live show I see her actually participating in, like standing up to dance, answering the host’s questions and clapping like there’s no tomorrow.

Hello Kitty_Live Show 2

Hello Kitty_Live Show 1

Yup, that’s the Hello Kitty fan there, yea, that one wearing the purple Hello Kitty dress.

She was a little disappointed that it was Hello Kitty’s childhood friend, Dear Daniel that held her hand at the Meet and Greet, and wished she was standing where Ben stood instead.

Hello Kitty_Live Show 3

Check out that grumpy Hello-I-am-a-Hello-Kitty-fan-not-Dear-Daniel-fan face.

But oh well, I know she’s still happy to have watched her dance and sing, and even happier that Mama’s brought her out this holiday to meet someone really special to her.

More details:
  • School’s out! Celebrate with Hello Kitty, Dear Daniel and My Melody as they entertain you with song and dance live on stage only at City Square Mal – tomorrow’s the last day to do so at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm! 

Hello Kitty_Poster

  • Redeem a Meet & Greet pass 45 mins prior to each show with $50 spent. (Limited to 50 passes per show, redeemable at L1 stage area) Purrfect for a photo for keepsake for all Hello Kitty fans out there!

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