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Golly good G!

August 12, 2013

It’s been a simple affair with the letter G. We did mostly good ol’ tracing. A lot of tracing and practicing, in fact; cos’ the letter’s been tough to conquer for both the upper and lowercase.

We also drew a giraffe with the Dot to Dot activity sheet for Dear Zoo, and met the most lovable giraffe called Gerald!

Letter G Giraffe Dot to Dot

Giraffes Can’t Dance is an awesome book about Gerald the Giraffe, with rhymes aplenty, examples of alliteration, descriptions of movements and a beautiful lesson about finding your own rhythm to dance to your own tune. The kids also learned the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone and the importance of empathy. They love the book so much, they make me read it to them again and again.

Letter G Giraffes Can't Dance

For a counting exercise, I gave Ben and Becks some round labels I bought from Popular Bookstore and got them to arrange a bunch of grapes in descending order, beginning with 6 grapes. They had fun watching the circles “transform” into their favourite fruit. To complete the exercise, Becks learned to count to 20 and Ben learned simple addition.

Letter G Grape Counters

G’s been a golly good letter to learn. We’ll be moving on to the letter S in September, and reading two more exciting books!

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