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Farewell, my bunk bed

June 11, 2012

I’ve shared a little on how tough it has been trying to train the kids to sleep on their own.

Just that very night after I posted, fatherkao had a terrible time co-sleeping with Ben and Becks. He has had many nights of terribleness so far and it seems to be getting worse. Becks would have her witching hour nightly and it usually happens between 2 and 4 am. As for Ben, he would wake his father up religiously at 1.30am and ask if he could sleep with him. If fatherkao says no, he would sit on the floor and be really stoned out, looking pitiful and all, so usually the father says yes and they would be vying for space on the sofa bed.

And every morning fatherkao would wake up looking like a truck’s ran all over him. I think his eye circles are darker than mine. Already I’m waking up a few times in the night nursing the baby, who is having growth spurts.

Which was why he announced yesterday with no sentimentality whatsoever that we are getting rid of the fire engine bunk bed. No more funky stuff in the room. We’re gonna have to lay mattresses on the floor and everyone can all huddle like refugees. Don’t need to compete for space, don’t need to worry who would fall off the bed, don’t need to force the kids to stay, and sleep, on their beds.

So we’re saying goodbye. It was good while it lasted.


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