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De-Auntify Me: Eyelash Extensions at Browtisan [Review]

January 13, 2015

Notice any difference between these two pictures?

Spot the difference

Besides having nicely shaped brows to frame my face, thanks to Browtisan, those eyes on the right now look bigger.

And hopefully, you would also say Motherkao looks a little prettier in the picture on the right. Hurhurhur.

When I went to Browtisan to have my eyebrows embroidered, I also had my eyelashes extended. I’ve lived with zero knowledge and experience of putting eye make-up because of severe myopia that plagued the earlier years of my existence until LASIK five years ago, so I was never really acquainted with the mascara. The only time I used a mascara and had my eyelashes permed (yes, those were the rage back in 2004) was during my wedding, so it was a nice thought indeed to be able to have eyelashes looking ‘mascara-ed‘ for a change now.

At Browtisan, the eyelash extension is done lash by lash by a professional therapist, with each fibre lash attached to the end of your natural lash to achieve an effect that’s as natural as possible. It’s a very meticulous and somewhat tedious process, one that requires you to lie still without opening your eyes and letting the very expert hands do the extension work.

Coco first curls my natural lashes and tapes the lower lashes

Coco first curls my natural lashes and tapes the lower lashes

Then with her precision magnifying glasses, she attaches each fibre lash extension...

Then with her precision magnifying glasses, she attaches each fibre lash extension…

...strand by strand

…strand by strand

Until they look like this

Until they look like this

And this!

And this!

I don’t have naturally long lashes; and what I have in the natural makes my eyes look, erm, well, rather small.  And what do you know, after having gone for eyelash extensions, a whole new world has opened. I think my eyes are more accentuated now, and look a little bigger.

It feels like I’m waking up a little more to the world.

It did take me a while to get used to the idea that these extensions are here to stay for 2-4 weeks. For a moment there, I sometimes forget that I’ve got extensions. I’ve to be careful – and mindful – not to rub my eyes (a habit every night, a ritual every morning) and put in a little more concerted gentleness when I wash and tone that area of my face.

Other than that, I like it that I can just wake up and face the world with these eyes, and these eyelash extensions have made me a little more “made up” and awake everyday.

How’s that for de-auntifying?

Happy now, with eyelash extensions!

Happy now, with eyelash extensions!


Eyelash Extension at Browtisan starts at SGD98. The price increases accordingly should you require more fibre lashes for a fuller look. Quote [Elizabeth from Motherkao Blog] to get a 10% off this service, valid till June 2015. Eyelash extensions last 2-4 weeks depending on the individual.

Browtisan by Coco is at 402, Orchard Road, #03-17 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876 | Tel: 6235 2355


Disclosure: As part of de-auntifying myself I went for eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extension at Browtisan. I was invited by ATMC to experience these 2 services, and the opinions here reflect my experiences at the place and is in no part representative of anyone else’s except my own.

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