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I have three children all 18 months apart from the 1st to the 2nd and the 3rd (I had them back to back, yes I know, what was I thinking?) and am  a stay-home mom / hands-on mom / home-teaching / work-from-home freelance writer and curriculum planner mom, but now a back-to-work-run-own-business-for-flexibility-sake mom, am a run-a-business-by-day-COO-mom and a hands-on-work-through-everyone’s-spelling-list-phonics-list-tingxie-list-enrichment-schedules-and-tennis-training mom, which makes me a supermom which means I can do anything.

I love bitter chocolate, being dry on a rainy day, the smell of red roses and lavender, bursting egg yolks in my mouth, snuggling in bed with my babies and watching runs and reruns of Running Man.

I am married to a Kao and almost lived in Dairy Farm (no kidding!). I do used to do very important things daily like feeding, washing and cleaning up after two preschoolers and a toddler. I also used to sing, dance, read, draw and clown around every day full time.

[edit September 2015] But now, things have changed and they have grown older and can play among themselves and need one another more than they need me, no kidding.

[new edit: November 2016]: My preschoolers and a toddler have morphed to become 2 primary school goers and a kindergartener as of 2017

[new edit: November 2017]: I am now mom to kids that are sassy, smart and soooooooooooooo talkative. Ben is 8, Becks is 7 and Nat is 5.

I’ve started this blog because keeping a parent journal was tougher than I thought and I wouldn’t want any memories to be lost along the way as I grapple with parenting because I am afraid one day I might forget and have nothing to tell my children about how wonderful they have made my life to be and what a privilege it has been to be their mother. Sometimes I think they teach me, change me and shape me, more than the other way round.

This is my motherhood journey. I hope someday every story on this blog will be savoured by all my children when they are old enough to understand that Mama tried her best to celebrate them every day – in the good and the bad, on thunderstorm days and rainbow days.

Kao Kids and Me Huddle

If you wish to say hi, drop me a mail at Elizabeth[at]motherkao[dot]com.


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