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5 staples every mom should have

July 21, 2016


Apart from my husband, there hasn’t actually been any guest posts on this blog since I started. Every now and then, people would write to interest me in a range of topics, and usually the ambitious me would rather pen certain thoughts myself.

Now the reason for this guest posting is really because I REALLY want to know what are the things I should have in my wardrobe from a fashionista’s perspective. And now with e-commerce becoming so convenient, I’d love to keep up to date (and my fingers busy with online shopping) to invest in what I should have so that I can stay ‘less aunty, more trendy’.

[Guest post]


Don’t you just love that feeling when you can throw something on in seconds and it just works? As I got older I realised how much time I wasted when I knew how I was going to be late for work and still spent most mornings faffing around trying to choose what to wear that day. I’m sure every woman can relate to this at one point of their lives. Back then I would even think about what I was going to wear for work the night before and plan it in my dreams and still get it wrong.

Being a mummy now, I realised that we need to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first just as much as our babies, whether that means dressing with a little effort – at least, it’s a start. It’s always a race in the mornings and because of this I managed to pick up on what are the pieces of clothing I do wear and which are the ones I never touch.

Then I discovered that the ones I repeatedly wore over and over again were of course, my staples.

So here I am, guest posting on this blog to share what I think should be 5 staples that are easy to put on and easy for mom-life:

The T Shirt Dress

Just wear and go - t-shirt dress for easy breezy wearing (Dress from The White Pepper, from

Just wear and go – t-shirt dress for easy breezy wearing
(Dress from The White Pepper, from

A definite lifesaver when you feel a little bit bloated on that day or if the weathers getting warm and you just want to keep it easy breezy. T-shirt dresses are always casual, probably with a few buttons in front and a waist tie. Sleeveless or 3 quarter length sleeves are the best picks for me and I usually go for prints that are dark so that if there were any spillages or splatter from my babies’ dinner, nobody can really notice.

Depending on what the weather says, you can pair a t-shirt dress with ankle boots or some strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

The White Sneaker

Bensimon White Tennis Elly Sneakers from

Bensimon White Tennis Elly Sneakers from

Every woman needs a pair of comfortable white sneakers, it is a must-have and a staple that can be worn with absolutely anything. I love putting together a girly outfit and then dress it down with some sneakers for a casual look. Bensimon and Veja are my 2 favourite sneaker brands which can be found at Rue Madame Parisian boutique.

The Denim Culottes

denim cullotes

Different ways of wearing the denim culottes

A french style that I can’t get enough of are the culottes, they are the next cropped jeans! The wide leg space gives me every comfort and breeze. The denim finish makes the culottes come across a little bit edgy and super versatile that can be worn with casual flats or going out heels. Usually I will throw on a white t shirt and some chunky sandals.

Chunky sandals for the win

Chunky sandals for the win

The Soft Basics
I think I’ve lost count of basic t shirts, cardigans, tops and tanks I have. I live in them because they always work and I like the feel of the soft cotton against my skin. Majestic Filatures is one of my go to brands I swear by for basics that last because the quality is great and the price tag is not so bad either. T shirts make it easy to wear chunky necklaces with too!

Soft basics from Majestic Filatures

Soft basics from Majestic Filatures

The Everyday Jacket
Every mom should have a jacket she can wear with everything. It’s like a safety blanket. Everyday jackets like the wrap jacket that wraps around anything and looks good every time or a blazer in simple colours of white, black and navy which is easy to match with most things and is perfect to wear to work or on casual weekends.

I have my eye on IRO’s white chic jacket which has side pockets and gives off a sense of elegant and fashionable look.

Iro white blazer

IRO’s the embodiment of Frech chic meets NY Street. Here’s the white blazer I love

How many of these do you have in your wardrobe, and do you concur these are every mom’s absolute must-haves?


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