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To NoQ for more books

February 27, 2014

We’ve been given credits to shop online … for books again!


The Kao kids and I have been really thrilled these days – like who’s going to say no to more books? Hurhurhur.

This time, we’ve been given the opportunity to shop here:

NoQ boasts of having 14 million titles at up to 50% off

The NoQ Store (= No Queue, as in, don’t have to queue, no need to queue) is part of the Times Publishing Group, one of the most reputable names in publishing, printing, distribution and retail in the Asia-Pacific. At NoQ, we are talking about browsing at an online book store with millions of titles at really low prices. I couldn’t wait to as I was told to expect a solid variety of books from the Children’s Section spanning across different genres ranging from fiction to education and general knowledge.

The opportunity to shop and review NoQ came at a perfect time –  we’ve just finished reading the entire Mr Men Collection, and are at the point of doing repeats. I’ve also been searching high and low for the complete Little Miss Complete Collection so we don’t have to do repeats of Mr Men at tuck-ins. The kids are such huge fans of Roger Hargreaves’ characters that they can’t get past one night without meeting one of them for their bedtime story. I went to the major bookstores to hunt for the Little Miss box set but the search was usually futile at the heartland malls. I did, however, find the complete set at the Popular bookstore at Bras Basah and of course, online at Amazon, but the prices were so ridiculous I could feel my pockets burning up before I could even place an order.

The kids love Mr Men and want one every night

The kids love Mr Men and can’t wait to meet one every night


What better way than to put NoQ to the test.

If you have Little Miss at a bargain, I’d be very impressed, NoQ.

So I went to NoQ, clicked on BooksSpecial FeatureBox Sets for Kids and crossed my fingers.

Found it! Cheaper by 40 bucks!

Found it! Cheaper by so much!

Yipeedeedoo! *doing the happy dance*

I would have loved to add to my shopping cart the Peter Rabbit Library, Dear Zoo Library, Guess How Much I Love You Library, Magic School Bus Box Set which I found under Special Features / Box Sets for Kids – if only there wasn’t a budget constraint! These are wonderful classics to be introducing to the kids, and ugh! Guess I would have to save up some more for those!

There was indeed a dizzying array of books at NoQ to look at and within each genre and section you would find a couple of sub-categories that would certainly make any book lover hyperventilate at the sheer number of available titles to choose from. Having to navigate around can be pretty daunting given the extensively huge number of titles, not to mention so many bargain books to check out for as low as SGD$3. NoQ also highlights their bestsellers on the right sidebar so you know what everyone else is buying, as well as shout out their latest promotional offers big and loud right on its home page.

My only complaint was that the prices can sometimes be adjusted upwards instead of down. You kinda expect prices to be slashed more often than they are increased like all other book stores – but I found the Little Miss Complete Collection to have experienced a price hike after I ordered mine at SGD$87.21. It’s now going for $142.03, which is great news for me who ordered but probably not that great a bargain for someone else searching high and low for the same thing and not wanting to leave a hole in the pocket. I actually wrote in to ask them why, and the folks at NoQ say that because they draw their prices directly from suppliers, book prices at NoQ get adjusted automatically when suppliers adjust prices on their end.

Bummer. It’s not so nice to see something on your wishlist get more expensive the next day, eh. I was so very fortunate indeed to have gotten the Little Miss Complete Collection at 50% off. Just glad I clicked on it fast and paid up when it was such a bargain.

That said, you can wait for their promotional offers like storewide discounts or check out the Bargain Section periodically to get the best book deals. Afterall, if you look at the deals they offer, most books are slashed to almost half their original price. For their wide selection of books of every genre in book-dom, and for letting me find the Little Miss people my kids have been wanting so much to meet at bedtime – and at a steal – I am still going to be adding NoQ to my list of favourite haunts to hang out online.

Just for Motherkao’s readers!

If you like what you see at NoQ and are going to be buying some books, get 15% off all purchases made via the NoQ Store website and Mobile App by entering the promotional code “Motherkao” under the “Voucher & Promotion Code” tab during checkout.

This promotion is valid till 30 April 2014 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and discounts. Only one voucher code per transaction and not applicable to shipping and tax charges.

And I’m giving away one $20 gift voucher on the blog, courtesy of NoQ Store!

If you’d like to win a $20 NoQ gift voucher, simple leave me a comment here telling me what’s one thing you like to have from NoQ Store. Do also remember to leave your email address so the folks at NoQ can email you if you win.

Giveaway ends 6 March 2014.

And the winner is…

NoQ Winner

Congrats, Tiffany! I hope Jamie Oliver would give you lots of inspiration to create healthy quick meals for your family!

Disclosure: The kind folks from NoQ gave us $60 worth of credits to shop. Topping up the balance for the box set from pocket of mine. All opinions here are also mine. 

UPDATE as of 2015: NoQ has since closed down and ceased operations.

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Learning from insects! I Theatre’s The Ant and the Grasshopper Giveaway

February 4, 2014

One of the first few Bible verses I learned – and remembered – as a child was from Proverbs 6:6:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!”

I remember my teacher sharing the verse during devotion in kindergarten that God wants us to learn from the ants but I never really knew what to learn from them until I heard the famed Aesop fable about hard work and planning for days of necessity. This fable has taught me much as a little girl, and the verse from the Bible is forever cemented in my mind.

I’m glad that I’d be getting the opportunity to tell my kids this tale – because I Theatre‘s first production for 2014 is …

I Theatre The Ant & the Grasshopper


The Ant and the Grasshopper promises to be a bright, breezy musical for the whole family with colourful characters, puppets and tuneful, catchy songs. It’s going to be a fast-paced and interactive production based on the famous Aesop fable with unexpected twists and turns for the little ones aged 3 onwards and all grown-ups alike. The play will explore the key themes of hard work, friendship and generosity, so this is the perfect opportunity to have the little ones learn about these important values in life.

And I have 2 sets of family tickets (for 4) to give away on the blog!

I Theatre is giving away 2 sets of 4 tickets to TWO of Motherkao’s readers for the performance at Jubilee Hall (Raffles Hotel) on 8 March 2014 (Saturday) at 2.30pm.

To qualify for the random draw, simply do these 3 things:

1) LIKE I Theatre’s Facebook page 

2) LIKE Motherkao’s FB page (if you haven’t already done so!)

3) Leave a comment here telling me a fable you remember as a child

Giveaway ends 10 Feb 2014. Results will be announced here on 11 Feb 2014. Winners will be notified by email and have to collect their tickets from the I Theatre’s office at 27 Ker­bau Road Singapore 219163.

P/S: Please join the giveaway only if you’re able to make it on 8 March (2.30pm) and can collect the tickets!

PP/S: You can also purchase tickets from Sistic.


I Theatre Ant & Grasshopper Winners

Congrats, Wenquan and Waiwai! We’ll be in touch soon!

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An Alphabet Zoo by Julia Gabriel [Book Review + Giveaway]

December 3, 2013

Phonics plays a very crucial role in helping a child build his literacy skills. Phonics teaching is very important because it teaches a child the links between the sounds of speech and the letters, and letter groups which are code for those sounds. Systematic and incidental phonics learning help equip a child with alphabetic code knowledge and forms the basis for the technical skills needed for reading, spelling and writing.

Here at the Kao household, besides getting their phonics instruction through the lessons in their kindergarten, the older kids also learn from watching educational programmes like Word World and LeapFrog. I don’t exactly know how to deliver phonics instructions, and so I usually outsource this part to the experts.

Last month, the folks at Julia Gabriel Education very kindly sent us their very own book and CD set titled An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear. In true Julia Gabriel style, this book was created by her to teach children aged 3 to 4 the most common sounds of each letter in the Alphabet and to give them a start to phonemic awareness and decoding letters into sounds with lots of songs and story telling.

An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear

An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear

The CD is voiced by actors and teachers representing characters in the book who use Standard English, and is a good resource to play even on its own, like in the car. It has catchy tunes and familiar refrains with carefully distinguished sounds pronounced clearly and proficiently.

The book can be read with the CD or without the CD, and Julia Gabriel herself provides a guide at the beginning of the book to help parents use the book and CD set with suggested activities and prompts. Each page in the book is like a huge hide-and-seek activity, with captivating  illustrations by Kathy Creamer of animals and things related to each letter in the Alphabet.

JGE_ Alphabet Zoo F

Captivating illustrations of things starting with the letter F

The older kids love the book, especially for the fascinating pictures which allow them to find and identify. They talk about each page with me and between themselves when we read it together, which also allows them to develop their language proficiency.

JGE_Reading the Alphabet Zoo

Lots of things to look for for each letter!

JGE_Reading the Alphabet Zoo together

Check out the letter S with Santa and a woman in sari!

An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear is a great book that takes the little ones on a lively journey through the Alphabet Zoo and making the letters of the Alphabet come alive for young minds that are ready to get acquainted with phonics.

*And we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY on the blog!*

Julia Gabriel Education is giving away THREE sets of An Alphabet Zoo Phonemic Adventure with Rainbow Bear book + CD set to three of Motherkao’s readers, so you and your child can journey through the Alphabet Zoo too!

To stand a chance for the randomised draw, simply leave me a comment here telling me who you’d like to win it for, with your name and email address. Giveaway closes on 16 December 2013. It’ll be a neat Christmas gift for your little one, that’s for sure!


Alphabet zoo winners

Thank you everyone, for participating! Congrats to the winners! You’ll hear from the folks at JGE soon!

Disclosure: We received the book and CD set from Julia Gabriel Education for the purpose of this review. Motherkao received no monetary compensation for reviewing this and all opinions here are my own. 

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Gymnademics is at the ARC! (+a giveaway)

November 7, 2013

If you’ve read my earlier posts (here, here and here), you would have realised that Gymnademics isn’t your typical early childhood gym. Nat was invited to try their programmes out for a term earlier this year, and had it not been for timing constraints, we would be glad to have him continue lessons weekly.

Gymnademics adopts a holistic approach towards early childhood development, with a curriculum that comprises of a series of physical and intellectual activities specially designed to help the little ones (5 months to 5 years old) enjoy the process of discovery and learning.

Here’s some good news to share: Gymnademics has a new centre at the Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) at 460 Alexandra Road, #02-25, Singapore 119963! Spanking cool, isn’t it?



And as part of their opening promotion, they’re waiving off registration fees and giving away a complimentary session when you sign up at the ARC:



I’m giving away TWO trial class passes for classes at the ARC to two lucky readers of this blog! Simply Like Motherkao’s FB page (if you haven’t already done so) and Gymnademics FB page, and leave me a comment here with your name and email. Two winners will be randomly picked when the giveaway closes on 12 November. Trial passes are valid till 30 November 2013.

I assure you that there will never be a dull moment for you and your child at Gymnademics. Every hour that Nat attended class presented him with the opportunity to be engaged in as many as 14 activities that are mentally and physically stimulating. It’s been a few months since his last lesson, but I tell you, this little boy remembers his Welcome Song and hand actions for do-re-mi till this day his teacher should be proud (hear, hear, Teacher Selene!). Both of us remember his classes with fondness because it has been so much fun!


Winners for Gymnademics ARC

Congrats, Erlina and Serence, you won the trial class passes to attend Gymnademics with your little ones!

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Learning Chinese the fun way [Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Voucher Giveaway]

October 16, 2013

One of the things to do to help pre-schoolers learn a language is to make learning fun and exposing them to the language in their daily lives in the most organic way. Ever since Becks attended Chengzhu Mandarin Centre’s Holiday Programme (成竹华语中心) in June where I picked up a tip or two to help pre-schoolers develop a love for learning the Chinese Language, I have stopped structuring Chinese lessons for the kids and started reading stories and speaking more in Mandarin to them to make learning Chinese fun and unobtrusive.

Becks isn’t exactly speaking more Mandarin, but one thing for sure, she’s definitely listening to more of it, now that Ben and I sometimes converse in Mandarin and play word search games.


And as promised, I am giving away 3 x SGD$50 vouchers to be used at any of the holiday programmes that will run its course from 2 to 6 December 2013 at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre.


There will be a total of 9 programmes catered to children from aged 6 months to 9 years to help your child discover the joy of learning the Chinese Language through drama, stories, music,  art, creative writing and performance. The school holidays will certainly be filled with much fun and adventure! You can check out details of the programme here.

To win the voucher I am giving away, simply leave me a comment here with your name and email address and the programme you wish to sign your child up for. Giveaway ends 30 October 2013.

UPDATE: Julia Gabriel Education will be giving away the $50 vouchers to all who indicated their interest by leaving me a comment! Hope your little ones would have fun at Chengzhu’s Holiday Programme, Angie, Ann, Meifen and PC!

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Gumigem Teething Necklace Review [+Giveaway]

September 23, 2013

Nat’s not exactly a gnawer, and he’s breezed through his teething now at 19 months, unlike his older sister who’s given me a bit of hell when her teeth broke through. Still, I hate to sling something over my neck only to have the littlest one, who’s so used to being worn in the Beco, tug and yank and put my costume jewellery in his mouth.

For that reason, I have not accessorized for the longest time.

Then I heard about Gumigem, a wide ranging line of award-winning, baby-proof, mommy jewellery that promised to make me look like a fashionista mom. Forget fashionista, I say – show me the baby-proof! I was really curious to see how an accessory that’s to be worn over my neck would be baby-friendly and yet stylish. I was offered my choice of their award-winning teething necklaces for review and so I browsed away at MamaLavie and finally decided on this:

Gumidrop Pearlberry SGD $34.90

Gumidrop Pearlberry SGD $34.90

Each item of Gumigem jewellery is made from silicone, which is the same material dummy teats are made of. The baby-proof part comes in the form of the silicone being free from BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate, meeting all required standards, which means it is all non-toxic and washable. When my Gumidrop Pearlberry arrived, I gave it a good wash with baby soap and slung it over my neck:


Looking like a fashionista mom already with Gumigem’s Gumidrop Pearlberry

My first thought: Why didn’t I get to know of this when Becks was teething and giving me a terrible time? I would have had teethers readily available for her in the form of these “pearls” and “gemstones” and wouldn’t even need to worry about them dropping, since I would be wearing them. Heck, I might even buy ten of those Bubba bangles and wear them on my wrist to save her (and myself) from those teething pains.

And my second thought: The necklace is indeed very, very commonsensically designed.

Each Gumigem necklace is fastened with a breakaway clasp, so if the little one decides to tug it, there is no discomfort for the wearer at all  because it will come undone and not create discomfort for the neck. Every bead and pebble is also kept in place by knots in the cord, which means that nothing slides up and down and traps tiny fingers.

Clearly, Gumigem has designed their accessories to allow an otherwise frazzled looking, disheveled, baby-wearing mom to dress up any outfit with ease. The colours are vibrant and a lovely shimmer; there are no hidden parts and they are easy to put on. No hooks, no clasps, no icky bits that “eat” into your skin.

For Nat, since he’s past his teething woes, this piece of jewellery serves as an excellent distraction and keeps him fairly still. I’m very glad that whenever I am wearing this and nursing him outside, I don’t have to deal with all the lifting up my blouse, scratching my navel and yanking my clothes.

Gumigem fun in the car

Stylish accessory and safe distraction: Nursing in the car is no longer a nightmare

All hail the genius who thought of this brilliant idea: stylish jewellery solves teething woes and itchy hands.

*Giveaway: A Gumigem Neclace and 3 x SGD$10 coupon code! *

I’m hosting a giveaway for a Gumigem Gumidrop in Jellybean and 3 x SGD$10 coupon code for four lucky readers!

A gorgeous teething necklace up for grabs: Gumidrop Jellybean (SGD$34.90)

A gorgeous teething necklace up for grabs: Gumidrop Jellybean (SGD$34.90)

Simply fill in the Rafflecopter widget for your chance to win – it should direct you to leave me a comment telling me why you need this piece of accessory / how this piece of accessory will help with your teething baby! Giveaway ends 30 September 2013.

Click on the Rafflecopter widget here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you’d like to purchase the brilliantly-designed, baby-proof teething jewellery, there’s a 10% discount code for all Motherkao readers. Key in the code MOTHERKAO before checking out. Check out the designs here.

And the WINNERS are…

  • Necklace: Adeline Tan
  • 3 x S$10 voucher: Arsheitha Ganesan, Edlyn Giam, Huimin Faith Su

Congratulations, and thank you all for participating!

Disclosure: I received the Gumidrop Pearlberry for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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I Theatre’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales Giveaway

September 22, 2013

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching I Theatre’s Hey Little Mousedeer! sometime in August, and are very thrilled that I Theatre will be transforming the stories of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Valiant Little Tailor, Little Red Riding Hood and others into a full-scale Broadway-standard Musical through drama, music, puppetry and song! Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm’s fairy tales have fed the imaginations of generations of people young and old for 200 years and still counting, and this November, under I Theatre’s artistic brilliance, a selected few of this classic collection of  tales will be reinvented for the Singapore audience.


We can’t wait to catch this production and enter into the fantastical world of talking and singing beasts, princesses, magic and mystery, heroes and villains. The kids haven’t had fairy tales read to them much yet (unless you count Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears), so they will definitely be in for some surprises (and I will definitely blog about it, hurhurhur). We are also looking forward to hearing some brilliantly composed music by Bang Wenfu. We thoroughly enjoyed his compositions in the last production; the kids still can’t get the ‘One silly crocodile swimming in the river’ tune out of their heads and sing it every time they see a croc on Animal Planet!

So here, on the blog, I’m hosting a giveaway to catch Grimm’s Fairy Tales by I Theatre with your family! Up for grabs is set of 4 family tickets to catch the production on 3 November 2013 (Sunday) at 5pm at Drama Centre Theatre @ National Library Building.

I have 2 sets to give away and each set of family tickets of 4 is worth $121.60.

Simply do the following:

1) ‘Like’ Motherkao’s FB Page and I Theatre’s FB Page

2) Leave a comment here on the blog with your name and email address

And that’s it! A randomizer will pick 2 winners for this giveaway which ends on 1 October. Winners will be announced by 2 October and I will be mailing the tickets to the winners via normal postage, so this giveaway is open to Singapore residents only. Please also make sure you and your family can make it for the mentioned show time before participating in the giveaway!

More details:

Grimm’s Fairy Tales will be staged by a very talented team of performers from 1 – 17 November 2013 at Drama Centre Theatre, National Library. The production is  90 minutes plus a 15 minutes interval, and is suitable for ages 4 to 16 and families.

Tickets can be purchased from SISTIC.

UPDATE: Family Tickets Giveaway WINNERS

Thank you all for your participation! The response was overwhelming, and unfortunately, I can only pick 2 winners for this giveaway.

Winners for Grimm's Fairy Tales

Congrats to Agatha and Serene! We’ll be in touch!

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Rise & Shine Expo: Super Baby Food Cookery Class for 6 – 12 months Giveaway

September 16, 2013

We’re counting down to the Rise & Shine Expo – the only children’s expo dedicated to total healthcare and development – happening from 27 to 29 September 2013 at the Suntec Convention Hall 401.

What you can look forward to at the expo are three fun days packed with loads of information you can glean from enriching and informative seminars and workshops hosted by renowned experts. Additionally, over 120 exhibitors will also offer good deals on more than 500 products and services. “Colour My Feeling”, the first record-breaking colouring contest in Singapore where 500 aspiring little artists would come together to express their thoughts and creativity, would also be held at the Rise & Shine Expo. Add to that non-stop entertainment with the many fun contests, insightful talks, trial classes and special guest appearances of Junior’s favourite cartoon characters!

Fancy meeting Kai Lan, Dora and Diego?

Fancy meeting Kai Lan, Dora and Diego?

There’s gonna be 60 seminars and workshops addressing major challenges faced by modern parents; some of these topics include Mastering the Art of Attachment Parenting, The Power of Music from the Heart, What to Expect in the First Year, How resilient is Your Child?, Beyond Words: How to Communicate with Your Baby Before He Talks and Super Baby Food Cookery Class for 6-12 months old.

Talk about going  to school again! If you’re one of those who’d love to learn from the experts and hear them for yourself, I have 5 PAIRS OF TICKETS to Angela Jacobsen’s (Oz Supernanny and author of Baby Love and Baby Food) Super Baby Food Cookery Class for 6 – 12 months. Each ticket to this class is worth SGD$20.

Here are the details for the class:

Date: Fri, 27 September
Time: 3pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Room 307
Website Link:

If you’d like to win a pair of tickets to this class, simply leave me a comment here with your name and email address. Giveaway closes 20 September 2013. See you at the Rise & Shine Expo!

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heART Studio’s Little Masters Workshop [Giveaway]

August 26, 2013

I’ve been trying to sign both kids up for art lessons at the community centres, but most of them tell me they usually take in 5 years and up.

Then I got to know about heART Studio, an art studio that provides quality art education for the little ones. I hear their programmes are designed for children as young as three years old, and are focused on cultivating their creativity through technical art skills. Boy, am I glad that this September holidays, both Ben and Becks will have a chance to get some creativity going with heART Studio’s September Holiday Programme Little Masters Workshop. They’re going to canvas draw and paint some monsters. How cool!

heART Studio Little Masters Sept Holiday Programme

heART Studio Little Masters Workshop

The good folks at heART Studio are giving out three passes to their Little Masters Workshop on my blog for the September Holidays. To be precise – I’m giving out ONE PASS EACH for the following workshops: Hello Kitty, Ballerina and Outer Space. The schedule for these classes are here:

heART Studio Schedule for Sept Holiday Programme

Schedule for heART Studio’s Sept Holiday Programme

If you’d like to win a pass to the workshop for your kid, simply LIKE heART Studio’s FB page and mine (if you’ve not done so), and leave me a comment here saying who you’d like to win it for and the session (time and date) of the workshop (Hello Kitty, Ballerina or Outer Space) you’d like your child to attend.

Giveaway closes 1 September. The randomizer would pick one winner from each workshop category and results will be announced on 2nd September. Let’s have some fun painting!

P/S: If you’d like to win passes to the Young Masters Workshop for ages 5 and 6, hop over to my friend, Connie’s blog – she’s doing a giveaway here!

UPDATE: And I’ve got the winners for the three pass to heART Studio’s Little Masters Workshop Holiday Programme! Here goes:

1) Outerspace – Ondine

Outerspace Winner_heART Studio

2) Ballerina – Pmbabe

Ballerina winner_heART Studio

3) Hello Kitty – Lynn (there wasn’t any toss up!)

P/S: Sarina, sorry I couldn’t toss you up in anything cos’ Monsters isn’t what we’re giving away!

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Learning with ‘Today I Am…’ [Book review + Worldwide Giveaway]

August 13, 2013

I had the wonderful opportunity to expand my children’s emotional vocabulary recently using a book with drawings of fish.

Titled “Today I Am…”, the picture book is the Southeast Asian English version of the award-winning Dutch children’s book “Vrolijk” by Mies van Hout, which shows all the emotions a young child would encounter. Each double page spread is devoted to one fish showing a particular emotion, along with the word that expresses the same feeling. Mies van Hout’s drawings are characterized by strong, clear lines and radiant colours, and this school of fish has made a big splash in international waters, bagging awards and accolades aplenty.

Today I Am

Cover page of the award-winning book “Today I Am…”

I ran a couple of homelearning lessons with the book. When we first got it, we flipped to look at all the fascinating expressions of all the fish in the pages. Admiring art together was an enriching activity in itself. Subsequently, I read to each child one-to-one and identified common emotions and feelings like ‘glad’, ‘angry’, ‘shocked’ and ‘sad’ with them. We talked about things that made us feel glad, angry, shocked and sad. I listened to their stories. And it was amazing how much each of them, when given a listening ear, would say about how they felt and when they felt what they felt.


Becks doing some dramatisation here with the fish

In addition, with Ben, I also took the time to provide scenarios to explain more complex emotions like ‘confused’, ‘jealous’, ‘content’ and ‘amazed’.

Explaining Jealousy

Explaining what being jealous means

For Becks, since she loves to draw and colour, I asked her for the emotion she was feeling after we read the book and went on to “copy” the fishes on drawing paper and had her fill the white spaces with colours. She was feeling glad and happy that day, and this was what she did:

Colouring fish 1

Colouring fishies

Colouring fish 2

Happy fishies get a splash of rainbow!

She’s into drawing and colouring fishes now, thanks to the book! Another Mies van Hout in the making, perhaps!

Drawing more fish

Becks asking to draw and colour more happy fish

Today I Am...” is certainly a good resource to have in my homelearning stock and I am really glad that we received it from Fish Book Co., a publishing company passionate about providing parents and teachers with tools to develop happy, healthy children. The team at Fish Book Co. has plans to create more educational materials and original content with the school of fish found in Mies van Hout’s book, and that I can’t wait to see!

*Giveaway: I have 5 copies of “Today I Am…” to give away (and open to international readers)!*

To take part, simply LIKE Fish Book Co.’s Facebook Page and Motherkao’s Facebook Page (if you’ve not already done so), and leave me a comment here by filling in the blanks:

“Today I am __________ because ______________”

The 5 most interesting / creative entries win! Have fun!

Giveaway ends 20 August and results will be announced on 21 August on this same space. Let’s hear how you’re feeling today!

Disclosure: We received a copy of the book “Today I Am…” from Fish Book Co. All opinions here are my own.

P/S: Fish Book Co. is inviting budding artists below the age of 12 to participate in Singapore’s biggest children’s drawing competition, “Colour My Feelings”, on 28 September 2013 at 1 pm at the Rise & Shine Expo. “Colour My Feelings” is a drawing competition that encourages kids to express emotions through the use of oil pastels. Kids are invited to pick a feeling and illustrate a fish bursting with their chosen emotion. Get ready to see a wide gamut of emotions with a lively and vibrant school of expressive fish that day at the Rise & Shine Expo! More details of the competition here.

**So, who’s won the giveaway?**

I’d love to have everyone win this and would like to say a big thank you to all of you for participating and sharing with me how you feel! But I only have 5 copies of the book and am gonna give it to…

A very hungry SereneGawd’ I know how it feels to have your kids want your food! Why didn’t you eat her burger instead?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously-Mary Poppins-Sue Now, that’s such a bubbly happy emotion!

Ecstatic Christine who actually looked forward to spending time with monkeys – Haha, fortunately, the monkeys belong to her!

Tired Jus who’s growing a baby for the third time – And I can identify with how tiring that is!

And Drained CandyHope this book will teach Junior how to express himself instead of screaming at you, babe!

There are more giveaways on the blog coming up! Thanks for taking part, everyone!