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Smooth Operator (with help from the all new Philips Jamie Oliver Blender)

July 25, 2013

No, I’m not referring to Sade’s lover boy with diamond life.

I’m referring to this man who’s been in the kitchen lately, making after-dinner drinks for the kids and winning their hearts:

Smooth(ie) Operator

Smooth(ie) Operator

Thanks to the all new Philips Jamie Oliver Blender, Fatherkao is now the official Smooth(ie) Operator in our house. With mangoes in season, a 600-W blender with a two-speed pulse setting, a high quality 1.5-litre jar and titanium-coated 5-star serrated blades, he’s been wowing the kids with his smoothie creations effortlessly using this new kitchen tool.

The all new Philips Jamie Oliver Blender

The all new Philips Jamie Oliver Blender

He throws in ripe mangoes with lemon sorbet, some fresh lime and mint leaves, and pulse everything with crushed ice. Some days he adds a dash of milk and some days a splash of orange juice.

The ingredients for a refreshing mango smoothie

The ingredients for a refreshing mango smoothie

And the kids go on an all-time high waiting for their desserts after dinner…

Act 1, Scene 1: Impatience

Act 1, Scene 1: Gimme, gimme!

Act 2, Scene 1: More impatience

Act 2, Scene 1: Can’t wait! Gimme!

Act 2, Scene 2: Smoothie ready!

Act 2, Scene 2: Smoothie ready!

And going totally ecstatic to the point of declaring this:

Ben: Mama makes smoothie a little bit nice. But Dada makes the NICEST! Next time, when Mama wants to make smoothie, we’ll call you, ok, Dada?

Yummy yum yum, they say

Yummy yum yum, they say!

Now, that’s how the Smooth Operator stole my thunder and became the latest hero in the kitchen, with an uncomplicated blender who does all the work for him!

Keep life simple with the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver range which includes a food processor (S$268), handblender (S$128) and blender (S$108). Available at leading electronics and departmental stores.

Disclosure: I received the Philips Jamie Oliver Blender for the purpose of writing this. This post is the second in a series of sponsored conversations on behalf of Philips Singapore. All opinions are my own. And yes, I am jealous that what I make for the kids is only “a little bit nice” but that’s just because I lent Fatherkao my Philips JO blender.

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  • Reply June August 26, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    all your 3 kids are so cute, esp the last pic. Lol yah the song is stuck in my head now.
    be blessed.
    PS Fatherkao looks like he’s mixing some exotic cocktails rather than just smoothies.

  • Reply Adeline July 25, 2013 at 2:35 PM

    Becks is super photogenic! And Fatherkao’s mango smoothie sounds refreshing on a hot day. Now I’ve got the smooth operator song stuck in my head… 😛

    • Reply MotherKao July 25, 2013 at 10:42 PM

      She IS photogenic, the little girl! Haha, I bet you’ve been singing the song all day long!

  • Reply Summer July 25, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    That last pic is gorgeous! All three of them look so happy and contented with their smoothies! =) Haha, it’s good to let Daddy be the hero once in a while!

    • Reply MotherKao July 25, 2013 at 10:42 PM

      Yea, Summer, I guess it’s ok to let the dad be their hero. But I’m pretty sore about their constant “feedback” when I make them their smoothies whilst the father gets all praise and NO “feedback” at all! Hmph!

    Leave a Reply to June Cancel Reply