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Of cars and big dreams at the Volkswagen Family Weekend

May 14, 2013

My fourth Mother’s Day was a really special one. On Sunday, we were invited by Rise and Shine, in partnership with Volkswagen Singapore, to join them at the Volkswagen Centre at Alexandra Road for the Volkswagen Family Weekend. And so, I spent this special day with my kids in a car showroom.

The fiesta had an exciting line-up of activities for the whole family, including a creative colouring corner, trike rides, golf trials and a crafting booth for Mother’s Day cards using food art. There was also a Mom’s Pampering Corner tucked at a quiet corner of the showroom, away from the noise and crowd, with cushy couches and massage equipment for tired mothers to catch some shut-eye.

Volkswagen Family Weekend Golf Fun

Volkswagen Family Weekend Colouring Fun

Ben and Becks had a fun time colouring, going on a trike race and having a go at putting at the KinderGolf’s mini golf corner. The littlest one busied himself too, talking on the “phone”, and going round gesturing for – ah yes, the love of his life right now – balloons! This little pumpkin adores balls, balloons and all things round to the point of yelling for them even in his sleep, so being there on Sunday was heaven for him. Thanks to the friendly folks at Volkswagen who kept giving him balloons, that boy collected a total of 11 that day. We had to deflate all of them, much to his dismay. We wouldn’t be able to get into the car otherwise!

Volkswagen Family Weekend Trike Fun

We didn’t get to do any food art by Nutriville (the folks packed up for the other showroom at MacPherson by the time we headed over), and I didn’t get to sneak away to the pampering corner either. But I must say, the activities for the kids at the Volkswagen Family Weekend were indeed well-organized, engaging and meaningful. The food was tasty too, and thank God the organisers remembered ice cream! Ben and Becks had a few scoops that hot afternoon, complete with plenty of rainbow sprinkles to make their day.

But those weren’t the highlight of our day.

What was? Roaming about the spacious showroom, getting into cars and pretending to go on joy rides, that’s! Ben and Becks were thrilled to see so many cars, from the Golf to the Cabriolet; they climbed into each one, took turns to “drive”, navigate, and took each other to explore places unknown, and I savoured every minute being in their “journey”, entering their world of pretend play.

Ben: Ok, now I drive, so you must buckle.

Becks: Ya! If not, police will catch!

Ben: We will now go to a faraway place. Very, very far. So far nobody will know, ok!

Becks: Yay! Drive!

Ben: Vroom…. vroom… (turns to the backseat to look at me while moving the steering) Hey Mama, when I grow up, I will buy this sports car, ok?

Me: Oh wow! Yes, you do that. Can I be your passenger then?

Ben: Of course, la. I will fetch you everywhere you want.

Me: I’ll be an old woman by then. Are you sure you still want me in your sports car?

Ben: Mama, of course! I’ll just drive very, very slowly for you!

We had many of such conversations that afternoon, and the kids took me to “places” I never knew existed and worlds I could never have imagined, at the same time always assuring me that they would always want me in their car, no matter how old I grew.

Volkswagen Family Weekend Driving Fun

When it was time to test drive the Volkswagen Sharan, the kids were so exhilarated they actually thought we’d be driving it home. They went in to the spacious car, sat on the child seats, and screamed ‘Yay, new car, wohoo!‘, like it was the best day of their lives. I had some difficulties explaining the concept of test driving to them before they realized that we weren’t going to drive the Sharan home. How hilarious.

The 7-seater 2L Sharan was a testimony of German engineering genius with its powerful turbo engine, sophisticated dashboard and sleek design. The drive was smooth and comfortable, and we could definitely have three child seats in the car, one for each kid. There was a sunroof that awed the kids much, and in the evening when we test drove it, we could look up and gaze at the clouds in the sky without having to squint. But the thing with MPVs is that in order to have boot space that can fit our huge ass Graco twin stroller, we would need to fold down the back seats. This means we can never fit the helper in the car. Which is a total bummer because we would always need the extra pair of hands going out with three kids.

Volkswagen Family Weekend Test Driving the Sharan

I know, I know. We should be driving a bus. The Volkswagen Van is a tempting idea.

Still, the ‘Carrier of Kings’ (what Sharan means in Persian) was quite a breathtaking ride for the kids compared to our humble sedan, and the kids were a little sad we weren’t taking it home. Ben kept asking me if the car was a hundred dollars when I told him the car was expensive and to buy one required a lot of thought and some financial planning. A hundred dollars is like the biggest number in my boy’s mind right now, which made me laughed out so loud – if only we could all buy cars for a hundred bucks.

I wouldn’t trade Mother’s Day spent at the Volkswagen Family Weekend even for a hundred bucks. To be with my little ones, to go on some exciting make-believe adventures and to dream some very big dreams together, that’s what money cannot buy. I’m looking forward to the day I would be ferried around by Ben in his sports car. Till then, thank you, Rise and Shine, and Volkswagen Singapore, for the kind invitation to spend this special day this way.

*This story was brought to you by Rise and Shine, in partnership with Volkswagen Singapore.*

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    Lovely pictures of your kids! They look so pleased!

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      They were mighty pleased, indeed! 🙂

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