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Getting BIG HUGS this Christmas (featuring Sesame Street’s Elmo!)

December 10, 2013

It’s Christmas time!

Nat goes to the stores. Nat sees Elmo at a toy fair.

Nat sits down to watch promo clip. Nat is fascinated.

Watching Elmo

Nat wants a picture with Elmo. No, make that a picture with many Elmos.

Toy fair

Nat goes home. Mama’s not buying any.

Hasbro Singapore sends the Kao kids an early Christmas gift!

Card from Hasbro


Kao kids with Elmo

The kids are thrilled. Nat is MOST thrilled.

Nat and the BHE box

 Elmo asks for a hug and Nat gives it.

Hugging Elmo

Elmo asks Nat to hold him tighter. Nat obliges.

Hugging Elmo tighter

They have a conversation. They laugh. Elmo sings. Nat giggles.

Talking to Elmo

Best Christmas present so far!

Loving Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo is an interactive and educational plush toy that invites preschoolers to cuddle, pretend, sing, dance, and explore while learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours and more. Your child can give and receive hugs from the Hasbro Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo who would move his arms to return a hug, plays songs, dances with your child and engages him or her with four fun imaginative activities, including playing astronauts and playing rabbits.

Disclosure: Christmas came early for the Kao kids when Hasbro Singapore sent over Big Hugs Elmo on behalf of Santa. We received the latest offering from Hasbro for the purpose of this review. Motherkao received no monetary compensation for this post and all opinions here are my own.

P/S: Pardon the poor picture quality from my S3. We were all so entertained by the giggling pair (Elmo and Nat!) that we couldn’t stop shaking while snapping pictures of them!

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    Awww… Nat looks so sweet hugging Elmo!

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