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And it’s a wrap at Gymnademics! [+a giveaway]

July 31, 2013

We’ve just completed a term of Gymnademics at their Pre-Fellow class, and it’s been A LOT of fun, fun, fun. Nat and I have learned and played SO MUCH together at every lesson, and for this, we really have Teacher Selene and her assistants to thank.

Every lesson for Nat at his Pre-Fellow class is parent-accompanied, which means both of us get a mental and physical workout! The class is an hour long, and we usually arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier to get Nat used to the environment. By mid-term, Nat got pretty used to the gym studio and the routine, and even knew where to leave his water bottle!

The Pre-Fellow class (suitable for toddlers 1 to 2 years old) is structured and packed with mental and physical stimulation for the little ones from the get-go. The children engage in as many as 14 activities the whole hour, starting with the Welcome Song, followed by a recap of the previous week’s theme-based lesson. Then it’s the theme of the week, some warm-ups (in the form of song and actions) and then it’s movement time at the gym circuit and swinging on the trapeze.

Our last lesson at Gymnademics coincided with Racial Harmony Day and Nat got to wear ethnic Indon garb! Here he is learning about traditional costumes!

Our last lesson at Gymnademics coincided with Racial Harmony Day and Nat got to wear his hand-me-down ethnic Indonesian garb. Here’s a picture of him learning about traditional costumes!

Nat loves the gym circuit and he covers at least three rounds of it every lesson

Nat loves the gym circuit and covers at least three rounds of it every lesson

Unfortunately, Nat refuses to swing on the trapeze still. But he loves to hang on the monkey bar and so we let him do that instead during the trapeze segment while the rest are swinging.

Nat swinging on the monkey bar. He's not ok with the trapeze but feels perfectly fine swinging from this.

Nat swinging on the monkey bar: He’s not ok with the trapeze but feels perfectly fine swinging from this!

Gymnademics is the only enrichment gym in Singapore affiliated with the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) and its curriculum is based on methods developed by the late Glenn Doman which focuses on a child’s brain development and developing a child holistically. Which means in every lesson, the little tots, young as they are, get to read  flashcards and learn new vocabulary related to the theme of the week. The toddlers also do a fair bit of singing and dancing, and holding percussion instruments – something which Nat enjoys tremendously.

Music, song, action: Enjoying sing-alongs and shaking the macara

Music, song, action: Enjoying sing-alongs, shaking the macara and throwing the beanbag

Other activities also include the fruit relay (which trains the child to run in a straight line), gymnastics (which trains hand-eye coordination and develops their gross motor skills), parachute time (story time based on the theme of the week), Mystery Box (one of my personal favourites because Nat and I get to do some hands-on together) and music appreciation (learning the solfeggio, a technique in music used to teach pitch).

Counting the number of fruits together after the fruit relay

Counting the number of fruits together after the fruit relay

A very focused Nat doing some colouring during th Mystery Box segment

A very focused Nat doing some colouring during the Mystery Box segment

What I particularly like about the classes at Gymnademics is that the entire hour is packed with activities for the little ones and they are never once bored or restless – and that to me is quality time spent learning and exploring! The teachers are an enthusiastic bunch who are so dedicated they would even set up the gym circuit or trapeze for you should you wish to revisit a particular segment with your child. There is a lot of positivity and encouragement going around at every lesson, and this really help to boost the little ones’ confidence.

Gymnademics has been truly fun, engaging and purposeful, and I am mighty glad that Nat got the opportunity to experience that. Thank you, Gymnademics, for the invitation!

*Time for a giveaway!*

Gymnademics is offering three trial passes to three Motherkao readers who wish to experience fun and purposeful play at Gymnademics! To take part in this giveaway, simply leave a comment here to say who you’d like to win this pass for, with your email address. Find out more about their classes for 5 months old to 5 years old here. Giveaway ends 8 August.

P/S: It would be really nice if you could LIKE the Gymnademics Facebook page too!

PP/S: I shared our experiences in an earlier review here and here. We were invited to Gymnademics for a term. All opinions are my own.

Update: AND WE HAVE OUR WINNERS…Congrats to Cheryl, Regina and Debbie! We’ll be in touch shortly!

Gymnademics winners

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    I’d bring the youngest! Or maybe all 3. Pity they don’t have classes for different age groups at the same time slot :p

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    I’d like my 29 month old boy to enjoy this class 🙂

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