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An enchanted early Christmas

December 20, 2012

When the kids were younger, they clung on to me like koala babies whenever we’re at parties. They were shy, extremely wary of people who said hi to them and terrified of those in funny costumes twisting and shaping balloons. Now that they are a little older, they’re beginning to really enjoy being at one. So now, every time I announce, “We’re going to a party!”, Ben and Becks go “Yay! Party!” and don’t stop jumping around the house like kangaroos for the next thirty seconds.

Last Sunday, we received a very kind invitation from the Forest Friends to attend their exclusive pop-up party at the White Studio at Fort Canning Centre to celebrate Christmas, and I must say, it was an enjoyable, enchanted evening indeed.

The Enchanted Christmas Party

The party was a cosy affair and planned meticulously for younger kids. There were festive fun stations all around the studio and friendly “Christmas buddies” to assist the little ones at each station. After grabbing some yummy mini cupcakes and cookies from the buffet table filled with little treats, Ben and Becks had a great time decorating their Christmas trees and colouring Christmas bookmarks and pictures of Santa. They also loved Captain Dazzle’s magic show and were very tickled by his juggling, teasing and the missing Santa trick.

Ben decorating his tree

Kids colouring

Becks colouring

Best of all, they sunk their first bite into Christmasy goodies and candies, just cos’ it’s Christmas.

Ben and his Christmas candy

Becks and her Christmas candy

The kids were also sketched by a really talented artist at the party at one of the stations. These caricatures of them were the highlight of my day. In those few minutes they tried to sit still, the artist was able to give attention to the details (like Becks’ rabbit-head shoes!) and capture their personality in his sketches. Way too cool!


The weather was also lovely for lots of outdoor play in snow suds. It may not be real and a tad soapy for their shoes and clothes but the little ones had fun running around the “snow machine” and looking like every moment’s a picture perfect moment. This was as close to snow we could get, for now.

Ben in Christmas snow

Snow fun

Mama & Becks

The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously and had an exhilarating time. So much so they wanted to blow soap suds in the bathroom for the next few days just so they could recreate being in “snow”.  A trip to see the real stuff is in order, I know; but till then, thank you for inviting us, Forest Friends!

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  • Reply Abby December 24, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Very nice photos. Love the kids sketches too.

  • Reply Adora December 20, 2012 at 8:54 PM

    Nice to meet you there. Thank you for the tickets!!!

    I had a good laugh too with the balloon guy. Our Christmas tree decor kept falling along the way home!!

    • Reply Motherkao December 20, 2012 at 10:49 PM

      The balloon guys was funny eh! And that was our third time meeting him! We’ve seen him at other parties but Ben never really understood his jokes till now! Our trees also had falling stuff, and we gave them to their teachers at childcare and made their day! 

      It was great meeting you and family too! 🙂

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