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WTBW: Money can’t buy me love

February 27, 2013

At four, Ben is learning the concept of money and its function in our daily lives. His father gives him coins to save up and makes him count them periodically. Fatherkao also “sells” him Tomica diecast cars and trucks in exchange for his coins.

Tis’ very interesting indeed, watching a child understand the concept of money and learn how goods and services are exchanged.

Overheard recently at a shopping mall…

Me: Oooh, sale at Fox Baby. Look, can get more Hello Kitty t-shirts! So cheap, $9? I bought them for $19.90 before CNY!

Becks: Yay, I want more Hello Kitty, Mama.

Me: (to everyone) Let’s go and take a look.

Becks: (excitedly) I want, I want!

At this point in time, Ben looked stern and not too thrilled at all. He looked at his sister and…

Ben: Buy, buy, buy… Every time buy. Then Mama has no more money. Do you know if she has no more money, she cannot teach us anymore, she’s got to go back and work?

Yes, I am a stay-home-mum now and I’ve told my son that I’m no longer working so I can read to him, play with him and have lessons with him at home.

My son, the prudent one. You can see how much he knows about money. Enough to want Mama to stay home with him.

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WTBW: Ah Boys to Men

February 27, 2013

Ben’s been quite captivated by the movie trailer of Ah Boys to Men playing at the DVD stores. He’s been fascinated with soldiers and guns since he was two, and has a group of friends at daycare who loves shooting with “rifles” and “pistols”.

Part 1

Ben: Every man must go to the army?

Me: Yea. Someday, when you’re 19, you will go. And Nat too. Your father and grandfathers have all been trained in the army.

Ben: Gong gong is a soldier?

Me: Yes. He used to be.

Ben: And Dada?

Me: Yes. He still is one.

Ben: Huh? Why he teach and then he shoots?

Part 2

Ben: What do the soldiers eat in the army camp? Is there a kitchen?

Me: Yes, there’s a cook house. The soldiers eat simple food. Maybe not very tasty food too.

Ben: Huh… Why?

Me: It’s not like they get Pastamania all the time. They’ve gotta eat quickly and do things quickly, no time to do fine dining.

Ben: Why must they do things quickly?

Fatherkao: That’s what soldiers do. They do things quick.

Ben: They need to do things quickly so they can shoot the bad guys?

Fatherkao: Yea, something like that.

Ben: How come there are bad guys in the army camp?

Part 3

Ben: In the army, you must train very hard?

Me: Yes, like what you saw in the movie trailer. They do drills, practise shooting, sleep very little and run around a lot.

Ben: Is it very tiring?

Me: Of course.

Ben: And I will be away from you? You will cry when I go?

Me: Yes, I will cry when you and Nat go to the army.

Ben: Huh, then I don’t be a soldier anymore, ok. I’ll be an astronaut.


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Happy 4th birthday, my boy

February 26, 2013

My dearest Ben,

Wasn’t it yesterday you were four days old? How did you turn four years old so quickly?

You were the gentlest and sweetest creature my world has ever witnessed. I remember holding you in my arms in the wee hours of 26 February 2009, looking at a dream come true. We waited almost a year for you. We were trying so hard then, and finally when we stopped trying, you came.

Baby Ben in 2009

Ben at one

Ben at one with Mama

You came and rocked my world, son. You showed me tenderness and what little boys were made of. You’ve got heaps of unending cheekiness, curiosity, and that tremendous keenness to learn and grow. You, my boy, have taught me much as a mother.

Through your questions, I’ve learned to be patient.

Through your mischief, I’ve learned to let go and have fun.

Through your sensitivity, I’ve learned what it means to love and feel.

How did you grow up so quickly? The years have flown by fast and I’m unwilling to let you grow up. I wished you’d remain my little baby boy forever.

Ben at two

My darling Ben

Happy birthday, Benji boy. I love you always and forever. I loved you before I knew you and now I’m loving you with everything I’ve got.

Panda Ben

Affectionately yours,


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Baby Nat’s ONE-derful party

February 25, 2013

Nat is the only one among the three kids we have that knows he’s turned one. Every time we sing the birthday song, he claps his hands and blows an imaginary candle when we’re finished.

I know he must have thoroughly enjoyed the party we threw him last Saturday.

We held a celebration at The Grassroots’ Club Children’s Playroom for Nat’s first birthday bash. This event marked our fifth party held there. We celebrated Ben’s first birthday there. Becks’ full-month and first birthday celebration were held there, and so was Nat’s full-month. The place has become quite synonymous with any of the Kao kid’s party among family and friends.

Since this would probably be the last BIG party I’d ever organise (I don’t plan on having a fourth kid, so there’ll be no more full-month celebrations or first birthdays!), I thought I’d really make sure that my baby would have the best party of his life. Well, maybe not the elaborate Disneyland kind of party, but good enough for Nat to remember in photos and make him grin all night.

The venue was great because it has a ball pool which Nat absolutely loved and an indoor playground and kiddy rides which gave the adults much breathing space and chit-chatting opportunities while the kids were fully entertained, playing catching with one another and climbing up and down the playground structures. Ben and Becks were old enough to run along and play on their own, and that gave me time to catch up with friends and relatives, and parade the birthday boy around.

Nat at ballpool

Nat and Mama

The food we had was catered by Casserole. It was decent, and the favourite amongst the guests had to be their nonya chicken curry and bobo chacha (a warm nonya dessert of coconut milk, sweet potatoes, taro and tapioca). The portions were generous, and that made some of my relatives very happy because they could pack food home for their lunch the next day. I also got an agar agar cake (which was so very tasty, by the way) from Cake Story. The folks there accepted my last minute order and was exceptionally prompt in responding and delivering the cake despite having one day’s notice.

Agar agar cake from Cake Story

Nat’s star-theme two-tier birthday cake was baked by the Queen Bee herself, Christina, who painstaking adorned the cake with colourful stars, both big and small. Stars because the boy loves the Ikea star night-light in his room, and would point to it every night when it’s switched on to say “aaar…” much to our amusement, and I’d thought it’d be nice if he had lots of stars for his cake, and say “aaar...” the whole night long.

Birthday cake

He loves balloons too, so we got him a customised bouquet of colourful ones from Twinkle Balloons. He loved the balloons so very much he didn’t say “[st]aaar” as I hope he would but “bb-bor” the whole time at the party. He made the guests laughed quite a bit with his obsession for all things big and round.

The cheeky birthday boy

We had a fabulous time with friends and family celebrating this big milestone. I’m reminded of the times when my other two babies were once one, and how fast time has flown by. Now, I don’t have a baby anymore. I officially have three toddlers.

The happy birthday boy

Birthday song

A heartfelt thank you to all who came and blessed Nathanael with your presence and presents. (I would have loved to upload pictures of you on this blog but I respect the fact that some of you are very private people. Will have them emailed to you!)

It’s been a really one-derful evening!

Getting all sentimental now Happy days Milestones and growing up Nat Kao

My baby is one!

February 22, 2013

My youngest turned one just a few days ago and I am getting really sentimental. I miss holding the baby that was him at one month old.

He no longer has that sweet baby breath to smell.

He no longer whimpers and looks helpless.

He’s learned to walk (run, almost!) and yell and act like he is the king of drama.

He’s beginning to assert his independence by pointing where he wishes to go, pushing you away when he wants to get down to walk, and throwing a fit on the floor when he needs you to carry him.

He’s a funny one to watch, too. He goes around kaypoh-ing and disturbing his older siblings when they are reading / writing / drawing / playing, and gets really excited when they start bullying him. He absolutely loves it when they stick tape on him, stamp ink all over his arms and colour his legs.

Nat's 1st birthday at school

On his birthday, he smiled at everyone who gathered around him at school and clapped along to his birthday song, before blowing out his own candle – huffing and puffing with all his might. (Ok, he couldn’t in the end so I helped him out.)

Thanks for being the happy, funny you, Nat. Happy birthday!

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Sticky business

February 22, 2013

A roll of sticky tape can keep three kids entertained for a long time. Here’s how:

You can get the kids to pick up dirt and hair if you haven’t had time to vacuum the floor…

Things you can do with Tape #1

You can give it to the baby and watch him spin the roll and pull tape out. Then laugh when he can’t remove his fingers from the tape…

Things you can do with Tape #2

You can pass it to the older kids who could then use it to tease the baby and bully him by sticking tape all over…

Things you can do with Tape #3

There you have it, the usefulness of the scotch tape.

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Rise & Shine, let’s picnic! [In support of the Rise & Shine Carnival]

February 19, 2013

Shall we do breakfast together?

Join us, and many other families, at Singapore’s largest picnic event next Sunday, as we aim for the Singapore Book of Records for the largest ever picnic breakfast at The Lawn @Marina Bay on 3rd March.

Besides 4 hours of sunshine and picnic fun, there will also be bouncy castles for the kids, a series of sports try-out, stage performances by young people from our schools and community, nutritional food demos, engaging craft activities, pediatric massage and a best dressed Mummy and Baby contest with shopping vouchers and Philips Avent prizes — in store at the fiesta.

Rise & Shine Carnival Poster

Not to mention precious moments of family time and lots of open space and fresh air. Picnic mat included (first 1000 to register will receive a picnic goodie bag worth $100) but bring your own food though.

Or we could share our sandwich. Just look out for the family with the most rowdy kids.


The organisers of the Rise & Shine Carnival are giving away 2 sets of 2 adult tickets to 2 readers of this blog (that’s one pair of tickets for one lucky reader each).

All you need to do is ‘LIKE’ the Rise & Shine Facebook page and ‘SHARE’ the Rise & Shine Carnival Event Poster . After you’ve done so, drop me a mail at so I can get back to you. Fastest fingers first! (I will update this space once the tickets are given away.)

UPDATE: The 2 pairs of tickets have been given away! Thanks for liking and sharing, and see you at the picnic!

More details of the Rise & Shine Carnival:
  • The registration fee costs $8 per adult, plus 7% GST. Free admission for children aged 12 and below. Every paid participant will receive a set of play coupons worth $10.
  • Get a goodie bag worth $100 if you are the first 1,000 to sign up.
  • For more information, connect with Rise & Shine on their FB page or website.
Nat Kao Thunderstorm days

More thunderstorm days

February 18, 2013

After the meningitis scare, I’d thought I could finally shake some legs. I even promised Ben some ‘special time’ – just me, him and Universal Studios.

Who would have guessed that the bubbly littlest one would come down with a stomach flu so bad we had to rush him to A&E and almost had him warded for an IV drip. The baby who’s turning one in a few days’ time had severe vomitting and high fever on Saturday night and could not even keep medicine and water down.

I think we used up all our Dettol these two days scrubbing the tiles every time after he wretched. There’s also baskets of laundry to rinse by hand before we could throw them into the machine. On Saturday night alone, between fatherkao and I, I think we took a total of seven baths after having vomit soak through our clothes, underwear and hair.

Nat crying

We also had to endure the sight of a bawling baby in constant discomfort.

I can’t wait for the worst to be over soon cos’ the boys’ birthdays are around the corner and I want to be partying instead of taking baths.

(P/S: There was no child abuse. I had to take this while he was wailing for me to carry him because he needs to know when he’s older that my heart ached everytime he cried like this.)

Thunderstorm days

A fever, a headache, and a worried mother

February 16, 2013

We had a little scare a few days ago. On the 3rd day of CNY, my eldest, Ben, complained of a headache after watching Word World on tv, and munching on some papadum. Within an hour, he developed a high fever.

That night, he barfed in his sleep and shivered the whole night long as his fever hovered around 38.9 deg C. We rushed him to the pd in the morning, who said that we’ve gotta monitor him for viral meningitis – because when the symptoms of fever and headache come together, that’s quite a serious thing. She would have associated the bright lights from the tv and salt from the papadum as the triggers of the headache, but ruled that out because it came with a fever. She also mentioned that the way to confirm the meningitis diagnosis, if the condition persisted, was to do a lumbar puncture.

Lying on the stroller while waiting for his turn at the PD's

Lying on the stroller while waiting for his turn at the PD’s

I became a neurotic mother who kept scanning his head with a thermometer every hour of the day, and asking him to tell me how painful his headache was. The doc taught me to use my hands to give Ben options to describe the pain – with arms stretched wide as ‘very, very painful’, and with two-finger spacing as ‘a little pain’. I also made him look at his stomach and feet a lot to make sure he had no pain in his neck.

I was very blessed to have the advice of some mommy bloggers from SMB who shared their experience and expertise with me. One of them sent me the link to an article, which helped me monitor Ben less neurotically.

It’s Day 4 today. The high fever is subsiding and hovering around 37.8, and the boy is more or less back to his usual self. He’s been so lethargic and whiny, it’s good he is finally laughing and playing with his siblings.

Thank you, Jesus.

P/S: Ben is vaccinated against bacteria meningitis. Gonna also make sure the other two kids get their Pneumococcal vaccine really soon.